The Names in Ambril's Tale
where they came from and how to pronounce them

I had a lot of fun with the names of people and places in Ambril. Even some of the words the characters use are from unusual sources.

I searched for words that had a bit of meaning associated with them. Many of the bad guys have inorganic names, such as Crystal Twid and Ms. Breccia. As you can guess, some of the good guys have organic names, such as Miss Fern and Daisy Flood.

Other names originated in Welsh, Gaelic or Italian. Hendoeth's name, for instance, is a combination of two Welsh words, hen and doeth which mean woman + wise. So true in Hendoeth's case! The word Morte as in the Morte Cell means death in Italian.

Bummil and some of the other gnomes and townsfolk use words that I found on a list of archaic english words. Archaic meaning ancient words that are no longer in use. What fun! Batie is one which means crazy and doolally which means a lazy person.

Some of the nonsensical swear words used in Ambril’s Tale are from Lewis Carroll’s  The Jabberwocky to be found in his book: Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.

It’s my very favorite poem.